February 5, 2014

Meet Adrian

Due to unforeseen, last-minute circumstances, our temporary Noah replacement, Ashley Dzerigian, will be unable to join us for this tour. To fill in on bass, we’ve gone and recruited our buddy Adrian Rodriguez to step up to the task. He’s a quick study, monster bassist, and more-than-capable late-night drinking partner. We’ve hazed […]
January 27, 2014


We’ve been asked to perform on the show tonight. It’s always a blast stopping by here, and Kimmel has been a long-time supporter of our band since the early days. Plus it’s right in our backyard, so naturally we said yes. (Also, he serves booze backstage, so you know…) The […]
January 22, 2014

Noah takes a break… Ashley steps in

Whaaaat?! With the exception of four songs in Seattle (during which Noah was stuck in a cab), the five of us have played every single Airborne show together… But things happen—and by “things,” we mean babies. So congrats are in order to our wayward bassist, who will soon be welcoming […]
January 14, 2014

Firefly Music Festival

Is it too early to start thinking about summer festivals? We’re very excited to be playing Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Delaware June 19-22.
December 18, 2013


Not so much a blur as a rapid-fire montage set to music and peppered with long bouts of sitting on tour buses and planes—and the occasional picturesque European town—our memories of 2013 are a bit incoherent at this point. So much happened this year, and still it wasn’t long enough. […]
December 18, 2013

Dallas Buyers Club named one of iTunes Best Soundtracks of 2013

iTunes included the Dallas Buyers Club soundtrack—featuring our new song “Hell and Back“—on its “Best Soundtracks of 2013” year-end list. A seriously inspiring true story, this is a project we continue to be excited about. You can get “Hell and Back” HERE. The film itself also earned Golden Globe nominations last week, for Matthew McConaughey (Best […]